Learn Indonesian Language & Dialects: IEP currently focuses specifically on language acquisition, offering courses in English, Indonesian, Sundanese, Wolio, Cia-Cia, and soon Balinese. IEP’s English programs include courses in General English as well as English for Special Purposes, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Business English, and English for academic writing. IEP also offers special expertise and experience in teaching English within the health service sector, such as needed by doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators.

Other programs being developed by IEP include information technology, training in caring for the elderly, agribusiness, and trade skills training. These programs all aim to improve the employment prospects of our students. IEP continues to offer customised programs to its clients and students in order to maximise their effectiveness in the evolving global

Language Learning Method

IEP utilises an innovative approach to language acquisition known as the Six Phase Program, stemming from a novel paradigm that emphasizes “growing participation” in a new culture through meaningful interactions between our “nurturers” (teachers) and growing participators “students”.

Select a program

Learn Indonesian Language & Cultural Immersion

Learn Bahasa Indonesia in non-traditional, fun ways with local teachers who have years of experience.

Learn Local / Ethnic Dialect

Learn with toys, picture books, videos and by participating in cultural excursions with your teachers.

Learn English

English course with native speakers or local teacher, focusing on communication.

Pre-Departure & Online Learning Program

Study Indonesian online in your home country before you visit Indonesia.

Visa Services

Obtain student or socio-cultural visa to live in Indonesia with assistance from our experienced team.

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