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Interkultural Edukasi Partner (IEP) is an Indonesian education institution accredited by the National Department of Education that specializes in providing Indonesian and English language training. IEP utilizes a unique approach that facilitates building life-changing friendships between individuals and mutual respect across cultures.

IEP has developed partnerships with a number of local and international institutions as a reflection of its dedication to promoting intercultural connections and providing quality service to diverse communities through avenues such as promoting local languages, providing vocational training, and engaging in community service projects.

What Our Clients Say

Perhaps the best recommendation that one can give about a program is that it works! In just a short period of time, I went from knowing no Bahasa Indonesia to being able to have meaningful, life-giving conversations with locals. I can’t say enough about how much I have appreciated the teachers and staff at IEP. I am absolutely a proponent of the methodology of learning language used at IEP!

Roger & Jessie L (USA)

When my husband and I arrived in Indonesia, he could say a couple of sentences and I could say two words: pagi and terima kasih. I certainly had a lot to learn! The method used at IEP was different than I had experienced before, but I believe it greatly impacted our pronunciation and comprehension in a positive way. In each phase, we gained new skills step by step.
Our teacher was warm, prepared and really helped us understand the culture. We became great friends! I truly appreciate that about the teachers at IEP; they make the effort to understand you as a person, which means a lot when you’re struggling to express yourself in a new language. Learning always happened in the context of daily life and relationships, with the goal of helping us become more at home in our new environment.
When our daughter was born, IEP continued to be a great choice because of their flexibility. We chose our hours and a teacher came to our house. As a new mom, that helped infinitely!
Overall, we couldn’t recommend the program at IEP more. Kami tidak akan lupa hadiahnya yang diberikan oleh administrasi dan penutur- penutur di IEP, yaitu perasaan betah di Indonesia. Di sekolah bahasa ini, kami bukan hanya orang asing sama orang lokal. Kami bukan hanya penutur sama murid… kami sekeluarga!

Josh & Cory G (USA)

We are so thankful for our nurturers at IEP who have journeyed with us from knowing no Bahasa Indonesia to being fluent with the language. The skills we have obtained through IEP have been invaluable as we run our Café business in Bandung.

Dan & Becky (Australia)

I have studied several foreign languages using various methods, including the six-phase method used at IEP, and I have to say that studying Indonesian at IEP has been one of the best and easiest ways to learn language. My daughters ages 9 and 11 have also been studying with IEP for 3 years and the ability to speak the language has exponentially increased their confidence and happiness in living here.

Nicole L (USA)

IEP was instrumental in my ability to not only launch my coffee business here in Indonesia (FiveTwoCoffee), but also to pass the most difficult test for becoming a quality coffee grader. IEP makes bahasa Indonesia practical, personal, insightful into the local culture, and instrumental in becoming a functional member of society here. A priceless experience!

Chris L (USA)

The Bahasa Indonesia we learned through IEP in just a year opened doors for us to communicate in daily life, learn more about the culture and build friendships with our teachers – even our children loved studying with IEP! Settling in Indonesia has been so smooth for us thanks to IEP’s teaching method and their assistance in obtaining our study visa. We are glad to have chosen IEP.

Greg & Melissa (USA)

– Thank you so much to all of you at IEP for making my family’s experience of language and culture learning in Indonesia and online in the USA an overall superb experience.

Justin (USA)

– Because of our partnership with IEP, our students learn Bahasa Indonesia quickly and in a very practical way. The teachers are excellent and caring.

Jeremy Thomas (USA) – Director of BAIS

We have had an incredible experience studying language with IEP, and I highly recommend them to others. From the logistics of visa processing to the every-day learning environment, the nurturers and staff and IEP have been great people to work with every step of the way.

Our whole family (including three school-aged kids) has learned Bahasa Indonesia from the nurturers at IEP, and we have all had a great experience. No matter the age, the six-phase program at IEP has helped us each learn to interact with the people we meet and better understand the cultural differences we experience.

As students at IEP, we received so much more than just a language learning experience. Through the relationships we built over time with our nurturers, we learned how to more deeply integrate our lives into the culture and daily lifestyle of our Indonesian friends and neighbours.
Grateful for you all,

Mark & Jenn S (USA)

I highly recommend IEP and their teaching method, especially for those who want to develop good conversational ability. I enjoyed studying with IEP and found it very beneficial in my language learning journey.

Tanya Lowe

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IEP Partners & Clients

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Where to Find

IEP Branches

Our training centres are located in Bandung, Baubau, and Bali. Situated in strategic locations in each city, each centre has a unique atmosphere and programs, reflecting the distinctive cultural allure of that location.

This includes offering programs for becoming immersed in the local cultures and even languages of the ethnic groups indigenous to that location.

These programs make each branch distinct while also maintaining the same professional standards and engaging learning experience.